How mobile technology can improve your recruitment process

As the need to recruit efficiently and cost-effectively becomes more prevalent, recruiters are increasingly relying on technology to streamline the process. According to Kiran Kumar’s recent article for Business Standard, the time to adopt a strong mobile recruitment strategy is now.

Kumar reiterates the findings of a 2013 Simply Hired survey, which indicate that 70 percent of job hunting occurs on mobile devices. But employers aren’t necessarily keeping up with the times. “A mere 7 percent of employers have a mobile version for their career site while even less than 3 percent have a mobile ‘direct job apply’. It is certainly time for recruitment systems/career websites to focus on a ‘mobile-first’ strategy,” writes Kumar.

This emerging opinion aligns with the numerous reports published of late that point to Big Data as the solution to employee turnover and hiring difficulties. The use of hard data (i.e. information mined from background checks and tests that assess clerical skills, emotional intelligence and other applicant stats) in determining who to hire can have the benefit of removing bias from the process, and may lead to sounder decisions.

The integration of mobile technology into recruitment processes that increasingly use Big Data could translate into hiring managers getting a more well-rounded and objective picture of the potential hires themselves, in addition to their work experience. This enables hiring managers to directly and immediately target the candidates who are most likely to be successful hires.

Choosing an HR software solution that has mobile and social functionality can greatly improve the efficacy of your organization’s recruitment process by providing a detailed and timely account of a potential candidate’s experience, strengths and personality traits.

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