How interview questions can help ‘Big Data’

Whenever a recruiter is looking to hire a candidate, they are looking through many aspects of his or her application. Starting with their education, work experience and cover letter, human resources professionals have to try hard to differentiate the fluff from the truth.

However, hours of reading through text and examining samples can be straining to the eye. Instead of looking through the same old information, why not change how these applications are completed?

Forbes Magazine contributor David Amerland found that in the digital age, recruiters can maximize their efforts with the use of Big Data analytics and asking questions that directly impact job performance, instead of going with the hypothetical.

“You discover whether they’re a good team player and/or if they can manage other people well,”Amerland wrote. “This provides a more accurate, in-depth look at their personality than any brainteaser or GPA score.”

These questions are less likely to be rehearsed by the candidate, so they would be putting their critical thinking skills to use. These questions can be asked on the application or the interview process, the key is to identify keywords that align with the job description or company’s mission statement.

HR software solutions can expedite this screening process by collecting the pool of applications and sifting through the forms under specific filters. Based on this batch of “data,” the system can identify which job seekers to further look into.

Once the hiring session is over, compare this strategy with previous methods. Which aspects brought out the most helpful information and which parts have failed?

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