How implementing HR systems helps find star employees

Every HR manager wants to find the elusive “diamond in the rough.” It is not an easy task to sift through piles of applications, hoping that there is a candidate who attended the perfect school, has great experience and will fit in with current workers. Add in administrative work – like processing payroll – and the search becomes even more tiring.

However, there are certain steps for human resource departments to take, guaranteeing that star employees are not only found, but that they are given a chance to thrive at the business.

Using HRIS software to streamline hiring

Before a star employee can be given the chance to shine, he or she must be picked from the crowd. When HR managers have a comprehensive HR software system, it will be much easier to track the trends that are working for the current workforce. From there, those in charge of hiring can be sure to bring on new talent that can meet the company’s needs.

According to Jonathan Basker, vice president of People at Betaworks, the hiring process must give candidates a chance to showcase their talents. This is not something that a computer can accurately do, and Basker explained to Entrepreneur that creating a level of trust between the candidate and interviewer can help in this area.

“[Hiring] is not something that you want to over-engineer,” Basker said. “It is a human trait that you’re measuring, so it requires a human solution to measure it.”

Essentially, HR managers need to know what they are looking for and have the available tools to help them find it. HRIS software helps these employees pinpoint needed skills to search for in applicants and will free up enough time to spend conducting interviews. Once both of those are in place, star candidates can be found and turned into star employees.

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