How human resources can help staffers get through tragedy

Tragedy may be a part of life, but a heartbreaking story can still be disruptive to daily operations. As tempting as it is to ignore these developments, that may not be the best solution, according to Human Resources Online.

“If something is happening close to home, it can be a good idea to allow radios or TVs to provide up-to-date information to staff. This will help them process events,” Human Resources Online contributor Rebecca Lewis wrote.

Highly visible investigations come once in a blue moon. When situations like Malaysia Airlines’ missing aircraft comes to light, people can’t help but be curious. The search for flight MH370 has been going on for nearly month and it currently covers 46,000 square miles, CNN reported.

What makes this tragedy so relatable to people not directly related to flight MH370 is that little has been confirmed by the Malaysian government. The search involves multiple nations using an array of search tools, but without any solid debris to work from, the flight data recorder will run out of battery in five days.

“We have the tragedy of the crash, we have the tragedy of an investigation gone awry and then we have questions about where we go from here,” Michael Goldfarb, a former chief of staff at the Federal Aviation Administration, told CNN.

During these times, it is important that human resources do their best to stabilize morale. The department may want to look into offering daily updates on the tragedy within the company’s HR software or providing complimentary counseling services.

When human resources departments take the time to give support, allow staffers to reflect on the situation and respond to their needs, those employees are more likely to see the organization in a more positive light. HR software solutions can be the central system that informs the workforce of these options.

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