How HR software solutions can nurture the work environment

The rise of technology and innovation has made many tasks easier, but every invention has its limitations. Because so much time is spent on computers and away from other co-workers, many workers may get in the habit of not having face-to-face interactions.

Over time, a lack of communication with co-workers and other departments can create an inward work culture, instead of an outward, strong work environment, Adam Bryant told the Harvard Business Review.

Bryant has published articles and books on work culture and found that time spent away from one another can lead to a downward spiral, ultimately hurting productivity, morale and retention.

Instead of keeping human resources and payroll workers away from the rest of the company, utilize HR software solutions to give them more time for in-person interactions. This program enables automation of many work-related tasks like resume comparisons and sending out notices on 401(k). Although not all tasks by human resources professionals can be automated, even one or two hours away from the desk can beneficial to creating an active work culture.

“If there’s not someone creating and communicating an overarching, simple plan for the larger organization and getting everyone to pitch in, people start breaking down into small tribes and pursuing their own goals and agendas,” Bryant explained.

Often times, employees will go to their manager about human resources-related questions because they may not know who to ask. By making HR staff more readily available, information is passed along much faster, decreasing the likelihood of miscommunication and rumors about certain work policies.

During these times away from the computer, HR software solutions will continue doing its part expediting the hiring and payroll processes, all it takes is setting a few commands in advance.

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