How HR software solutions can increase work diversity

Often times, businesses may feel that they have become one-dimensional: employees develop industry knowledge and skills from similar jobs and education programs. Even though personal interests may vary, there is a “mold” human resources professionals look to fill when hiring prospective candidates.

What if a job seeker didn’t fit the familiar formula? Some HR professionals may think this could damage the work environment, but Harvard Business Review contributors Robert Austin and Thorkil Sonne explain why it can actually be helpful to an organization.

“By bringing out the best in people who think differently, you position your company for greater advantage,” the HBR authors wrote. “That’s because innovation, which is a critical skill for businesses today, is driven by diversity of thought.”

Although differences may not be clearly stated on a resume, HR software solutions can be set to identify some of these outliers. Whether the prospective hire went to college somewhere the majority of staff members did not attend, worked in a complete different industry or have a learning disability, these diverse perspectives can drive innovation and productivity within the workplace.

HBR explained that the tech industry specifically has revamped efforts to hire adults with autism because of their ability to “engage in repetitive behaviors.” Ultimately, this helps the unemployment rate of autistic people, while boosting growth for the organization.

Employers who are looking to go outside of the depths of the model employee may want to consider readjusting the hiring process. HR software solutions can help reinforce the new strategy, bringing a change of energy to the existing work culture.

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