How HR software solutions can help companies recruit aspiring entrepreneurs

Hiring managers in multiple industries are experiencing difficulty hiring qualified workers, but that doesn’t mean they should settle for applicants who lack experience. When businesses recruit proven contributors, they have the opportunity to work with a person who can work “with ideas without being told what to do and help reshape the company over time,” the Wall Street Journal explained.

What human resources departments have to consider is that these employees are well-rounded in their respective fields, possibly planning to establish a startup. Nonetheless, using HR software solutions can help find a pool of applicants who can meet a company’s future needs

Each time a recruiter is interviewing a job applicant, they are trying to figure out many things at once: is this person qualified, can this person work with the department? When speaking to an aspiring entrepreneur, it would be useful to mention if the company allows staffers to work on flexible projects and encourages innovation.

Jason Freedman, co-founder of 42Floors, a commercial real-estate business, found that organizations that appeal to the entrepreneur’s spirit are more likely to acquire these workers. Freedman allows his staff to “set their own salary and decide which projects to work on.”

He also explained that managers attempting to recruit entrepreneurial employees should reinforce the idea that working within an established business can provide insight on how they can run their own business someday. These invaluable lessons do not cost the entrepreneur anything, but can be a driving force for revenue down the line.

“You can internalize these lessons and then find a better platform to launch your idea,” Roger Cosseboom, an engineer at 42floors, added.

HR software solutions can serve as a stepping stone to find high-quality staffers to fill many advanced job openings. The system can scan through many applications at once, giving recruiters a chance to catch these ambitious workers before they launch their own business.

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