How HR software solutions can fill supply chain positions

At first glance, job seekers assume that supply chain management is an industry dedicated to transporting goods and supplies to businesses across the United States and the world, but it takes a lot to succeed in this industry. This specific work sector is experiencing a worker shortage that could reach 500,000 employees by 2017 if human resources departments do not close these gaps, according to Supply Management Magazine.

One of the reasons for this industry-wide shortage is due to the fact that many younger professionals are unaware of the multiple aspects of supply chain management, the magazine’s contributor Andy Kaye explained.

“The general perception is of trucks and sheds, and this is reflected in the images with which we choose to portray our industry,” Kaye said. “These may be pertinent to showing physical logistics activity, but they fail to convey the critical and strategic role supply chain management now plays in the economic performance of business.”

In fact, job seekers with a background in economics, business management and geography can greatly benefit the next generation of supply chain workers. Recruiters can find these individuals through the use of HR software solutions. By selecting specific filters, the program can scan through a resume and see if an applicant could be a strong candidate for a supply management provider.

Supply management impacts many industries like manufacturing and retail, but these two markets consist of a plethora of businesses. Large names like Amazon and Walmart rely on accurate planning to ensure that their products are delivered within a specific time frame.

Long-term benefits for supply chain staffers could include high financial rewards and even “a pathway to the boardroom,” the source added. Companies that utilize HR software solutions may have a higher chance of filling these positions than those who still scan applications with plain eyes.

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