How HR software solutions assist in the interview process

When an HR manager chooses a new hire, it doesn’t always end well – for the company or for the applicant. Perhaps the job description does not line up with what a new employee actually ends up doing, causing him or her to quit. Or, maybe a team member’s qualifications aren’t as perfectly in line with a business’ requirements as the HR manager originally thought.

Companies can ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible when HRIS software is integrated into daily operations. This can streamline administrative work for human resource departments while, at the same time, it can help HR employees see which policies are benefiting an organization – and which need to be changed.

Once those adjustments have been made through HR software implementation, the hiring process will be much easier.

A recent Harvard Business Review contribution piece by Liz Ryan detailed her friend’s experience with bringing on the wrong candidate for a job. According to Ryan, her acquaintance thought he had found the ideal applicant for the vice president of business development. However, once the candidate was brought in for a face-to-face interview, things fell apart.

“I should have gone down to the nitty-gritty and asked him how he got that deal with Motorola, and the one with Siemens, and asked him to walk me through those deals step by step,” Martin said. “It’s socially awkward to ask people to drill down to that level of detail, because we assume they’d have all the logical and emotional chops that you expect from a VP-level person. Sometimes they don’t.”

Using workforce management software can help HR departments pinpoint which qualities will best benefit the company. From there, human resource employees can ensure that with the right interview questions, an ideal match can be found for the organization.

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