How HR software can mitigate holiday season stresses

The holiday shopping season officially began last week, but now is the time to double check if everything is set up according to plan. Retailers and shipping companies that greatly rely on revenue generated during this time of year can benefit from using HR software solutions to organize the vast amount of employee information that comes with a fresh crop of temporary hires. Doing this early on can decrease the likelihood of a future lawsuit for violating labor laws or rules regarding employment eligibility.

“To make this a merry experience, businesses should plan carefully and not cut corners when hiring and on-boarding for the holidays,” JD Supra Law News contributor Steven Pockrass wrote. “In addition, even employers that are experienced in hiring seasonal workers should be wary of several new issues to consider this year as a result of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.”

HR software solutions can be used for multiple human resources related tasks. Whether the program is sifting through a pool of applications with specific filters or processing employee requests for paid time off, this application can greatly alleviate stress for employers. For example, if a store hires a group of minors, they can include warnings that all of these staffers must clock out before a certain hour, JD Supra Law News explains.

“[E]mployers need to have strong policies and procedures with respect to clocking in and clocking out and with respect to prohibiting off-the-clock work,” Pockrass added.

Typically, high school and college students apply for these temporary positions because they do not have extensive work experience, but employers should not take advantage of them. Even if they are willing to continue working off-the-clock to make a good impression, staying compliant with local, state and federal labor laws is more important than saving a few dollars on payroll costs.

It is also important to make note that these seasonal hires are temporary workers. Including a clause in the employee’s paperwork that specifices this fact can make the ultimate difference, as this established agreement can prevent future disputes over the nature of the position.

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