How HR software can change work culture

Whenever a business is experiencing a significant shift in its work environment, whether that be higher turnover than usual or direction under a newly hired executive, it is up to human resources and managers within the department to make note of these changes and respond appropriately.

Knowing what can be revamped can greatly improve an employee’s view of the business, thus decreasing their chances of leaving in the future. Bouncing back from the adjustments can happen sooner than many think, according to the Harvard Business Review.

Contributor Brad Power writes that department heads or human resources often “make specific changes in processes, and then hope that, gradually, the culture will change.”

How can HR software solutions close disconnecting gaps between the work hierarchy within departments? By using specific filters, administrative staff can aggregate the  results of survey much faster than reading them with the plain eye. Or in other instances, notes from a day full of reviews could be summed up based on common keywords or phrases.

For example Trane, a company known for installing heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems found that  staff members at its lowest performing sales office had issues with being up front with one another. After launching their “direct with respect” campaign, turnover was cut in half from 12 percent to 6 percent within six months.

Necessary action varies from one business to another, but taking action toward changing the current culture can serve as “a lever for achieving breakthrough business results.”

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