How HR managers should deal with introverted job candidates

In many instances, the best candidate is intelligent, well-qualified and hard-working. However, when it comes to the interview process, another quality that emerges as a deciding factor is charisma and how well the person comes off during the session. While this is a great feature in any employee, one’s ability to conduct themselves in a high-pressure one-on-one setting can sometimes overshadow the positive qualities of an otherwise spectacular candidate.

That is why it’s crucial for HR managers to be aware of the different ways prospective employees handle themselves during an interview and how to respond. This is especially pertinent when it comes to dealing with introverted interviewees.

In an article for Yahoo Small Business Advisor, Meaghan Marshall looked at how companies should interview candidates that may be deemed introverted, or more focused on internal expression and solitude.

“It is important however not to overlook your introverted candidate,” Marshall wrote. “Introverts are often intelligent, self-sufficient, calm, measured and thoughtful. Introverts are great researchers, listeners, writers and strategists. You could certainly miss hiring the best candidate if you dismiss a candidate simply because they are not as socially fluent as the extroverted.”

She added that, in an interview setting, certain introverted applicants will undersell themselves or not show the confidence to seek out a certain position, even if they are well-qualified. This is why it is always important to weigh a candidate’s resume outside the context of an interview. Otherwise, interviewees who come off as more amicable could be rewarded just as much as those who have worked to meet the requirements listed in the job description.

The best way to ensure your company is utilizing the best hiring strategies is to partner with an HR consulting firm to streamline hiring strategies and ensure that candidates are judged just as much on their qualifications as they are on their ability to handle interviews.

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