How HR can make the most of big data

There’s big opportunity when it comes to “big data.” With more data available to businesses today than ever, the potential to derive actionable insight is great. But how can HR professionals leverage this information to make more informed hiring decisions? The answer lies in not only having HR professionals with great people skills, but having team members on board who are skilled at analysis.

In a recent article, Forbes contributor Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith notes that data can help businesses increase performance. However, the management and use of this data can turn out to be a complex undertaking. The author discusses some challenges that are worth considering for HR professionals seeking to use big data to help improve the hiring process:

Finding the data: Vorhauser-Smith explains that locating data can present significant challenges. Data may be stored in disparate locations, from software programs to spreadsheets. It is important to consider information from both structured and unstructured sources, including market data and social data.

Finding “numbers” and “business” people. While professionals who are great with other people may be an asset to any HR department, when it comes to using data, having individuals on hand who are experts in this area will help make the greatest use of available information. As the author explains, this approach can help improve business outcomes: “HR professionals need to look at HR requirements through the business lens to ensure their HR initiatives align more closely with critical business drivers.”

Do you plan to use data to inform your HR decisions? A comprehensive HR software program can help track and manage the details, ensuring that your company can take advantage of the insights that data has to offer.

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