How Google is transforming recruitment operations

Google’s ongoing growth and success make its operational models appealing to emulate. According to a recent article published by TLNT, the unstoppable Internet presence uses data to “reinvent human resources.”

The company began shifting its priorities by renaming the Human Resources department, “People Operations,” and made a commitment to make all employee-related decisions by analyzing data.

Google keeps tabs on retention trends with algorithms. The ability to accurately predict which workers are likely to make an exit allows the company to take steps to “act before it’s too late,” writes TLNT’s Dr. John Sullivan.

The company also instituted a policy that encourages and requires diversity. In order to recruit the right people for the job and meet diversity requirements, Google uses data to find gaps in its implementation of those policies and works to resolve issues with diverse recruiting, retention and promotions. According to TLNT, the results produced by using data to boost diversity “were dramatic and measurable.”

In addition to using data to monitor retention and diversity, Google utilizes analytics to ensure it is hiring the most qualified candidates. The company is “unique in its strategic approach to hiring because its…decisions are made by a group in order to prevent individual hiring managers from hiring people for their own short-term needs.”

To ensure that the team of hiring managers responsible for recruiting doesn’t miss out on potential hires, Google implemented an algorithm that identifies top candidates its human recruiters may have overlooked.

Google has even used data and analytics to determine how employees’ physical surroundings should be designed. After discovering that learning, collaboration and fun boost innovation and increases employee retention, Google applied those findings to designing a workplace that encourages creativity and discovery.

Data and analytics are increasingly becoming an important tool for human resources professionals in recruiting and retention management. Implementing the right HR software can help provide your business with the data it needs to improve day-to-day operations.

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