How good grammar can benefit businesses

While the rules of grammar are taught in English classes throughout the nation, recent advancements in technology might actually be working against those in the business world. As texting, social media sites and blogging have further pushed the need for short, often abbreviated responses, some experts fear that proper writing skills are being pushed to the back burner.

Authors Brenda Greene and Helen Cunningham wrote “The Business Style Handbook” 10 years ago, but have recently made updates. The duo revisited Fortune 500 CEOs who they interviewed one decade ago, to see if the company leaders have changed their opinions on employees’ writing abilities.

The CEOs said that writing has become more important, and that the technological push has increased the feeling of having to write faster.

“I think probably the standards for writing have gotten higher,” Cunningham told USA Today. “You have writing that is available online in real time, and it really raises the bar. It puts more pressure on people.”

According to Greene, credibility is crucial. If an employee writes an email or memo that is littered with grammatical errors, bosses could believe that he or she is a poor representative of the company. Such mistakes could even hinder a team member from getting a desired promotion.

Reading over emails before hitting the “send” button is simple, but very helpful, explained Cunningham. An employee – at any level – should never write a company email that he or she would not want published in the newspaper.

When companies invest in workforce management software, it can be easier to see which sectors are having trouble performing daily operations. From there, HR managers can delve deeper, to see what the problem is – whether it is poor writing abilities or something else. With the assistance of an HR software solution, businesses can be sure to keep tabs on an organization’s productivity, and be able to work towards an acceptable solution for all workers.

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