How data and analytics are shaping hiring

When it comes to hiring and recruiting, HR departments are tasked not only with finding the top talent, but also with finding the candidate who is the best fit for the job. However, this task is not as simple as it sounds. HR departments know there are many factors that contribute to making such decisions and can benefit from a reliable HR software system to assist in the process.

HR departments have often relied on certain methods to assist them with these decisions. Some of these include recommendations from networking contacts or trusting intuition, but as Washington Post columnist Steven Pearlstein points out, these strategies may not be enough to make the most accurate decisions.

Pearlstein addresses the concept of “people analytics” as it relates to HR departments. What is meant by “people analytics” is that HR departments are able to use big data to assist in their decision-making process. The incorporation of this information will make it easier for departments to not just acquire talent, but also more effectively fit candidates with the position most appropriate to their talents.

Through this information, companies may be able to make more finely-tuned hiring decisions that are based on actual data as opposed to “subjective impressions.” However, that is not to say that subjective information should go by the wayside. Human resources is, and should be about people, and as decisions become increasingly data-driven, departments should make a point to balance all aspects of available information.

Big data will allow HR departments to make more accurate predictions about candidates surrounding their potential performance in various roles. This way, departments can increase productivity and reduce turnover by using an effective HR system.

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