How cloud computing benefits HR

More businesses are moving operations into the cloud, and with good reason. With cloud storage, businesses receive a significant return on investment. By using cloud storage, your business could experience 88 percent cost savings while boosting profits by 56 percent.

In fact, more than 50 percent of small businesses and 70 percent of enterprise companies will have moved their operations into the cloud over the next 18 months, as demonstrated by research.

How does this affect HR operations?

With cloud computing, anyone in the HR department can access information in the system. This means operations can become simplified and more efficient for everyone. Eighty-four percent of HR firms have plans in the works to change the way they handle HR functions, and many are already in the transformation process.

Additionally, when operations move into the cloud it can improve work-life balance for employees. With 42 percent of working adults willing to give up 6 percent of their salary on average just to be able to telecommute, operations in the cloud give employees the option of working virtually from anywhere they are able to access the Internet.

For companies looking to save on costs, there are ways to accomplish this. If your company is still tracking training with Excel spreadsheets and using paper PTO request forms, there is a better way to operate. HR Software Solutions can help find the solution you need to make your organization more productive and efficient.

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