How can you ease the transition for new employees?

As HR workers are well aware, the hiring process is rife with logistical minutia, and dealing with all of that can take the focus away from what’s truly important: making sure the employee is made to feel welcome in his or her new workspace. Doing that can be easier said than done, however. In an attempt to address that, Harvey Deutschendorf of Fast Company laid out some tips for HR departments looking to spruce up the way they greet their new hires.

Deutschendorf first stresses that HR companies must be in the right mindset. Having a specific plan set in place for new workers is critical. Even if all the tenets of the plan aren’t followed each time a new employee enters the company, it’s at least a foundation for something better than bureaucratically-driven practices.

He goes on to say that having a more gregarious method of introducing hires to their new colleagues, a la a photo collage instead of a dull organizational chart, can be more effective. He also emphasizes the importance of finding an in-house employee to mentor someone recently picked up, and that it is vital that the company shows an engagement in their new worker as a person, and not just a utility.

Lastly, each office space has its own atmosphere, its own culture. Ensuring that the employee becomes integrated into that culture as soon as possible is important.

Maintaining the human element in human resources is key. But of course, onboarding is more than that and takes time. So what can you do to make sure that procedures like form-filling and database-registering become as efficient as possible?

HR software systems are the key doing just that, and HR Software Solutions is the key to making sure your HR software system is the right one for you and humming at maximum efficacy so that your business is free to onboard the new guy as you see fit.

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