Home builders in Michigan faces worker shortage

It has been four years since the housing crisis occurred in the United States, which caused many construction workers to lose their jobs, but now the real estate market is struggling to call these builders back to work. For the first time since 2009, home sales are accelerating and, meeting demand for labor has been difficult.

Realtors are in the position where their clients want to buy a home, but there are not many available properties out there to choose from. In rare cases where an attractive house is up for sale, the bidding war reaches new heights that many prospective home owners cannot meet, the Grand Rapids Press explained.

In response to this renewed appeal, construction companies are working on building new properties, yet helping hands are nowhere to be found.

This is a nationwide issue that is particularly important for Michigan, where one local community college has established a residential construction curriculum to help build a talented workforce for the industry. However, as of October, only five people have enrolled. Construction instructor Duane McIntyre told the Grand Rapids Press “nobody’s going through the training.”

Instead of relying on future home builders, who may be in school for a few years before entering the field, hiring managers can utilize HR software solutions to expand the scope of their search. This program can help human resources find those who were in the market in the early 2000s.

There’s a possibility that some of these contractors are working for companies that doesn’t suit their professional needs in terms of pay or work culture. It is also possible that these formerly displaced workers are approaching retirement, but they can meet the current placement gap. HR software solutions will guide companies toward younger and newly trained home builders.

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