Hire strong candidates to prevent future issues

While every HR manager hopes that they never have to reprimand an employee for being unproductive or for having poor work habits, sometimes, a type of rehabilitation is needed. At least, that is what a recent New York Times piece explained.

The Times interviewed several business owners, and asked how they work with employees who are struggling in their current positions.

Beth Shaw, owner of YogaFit, told the news source that it is especially difficult when a team member is good at the job itself, but has a bad attitude. She added that a defensive stance taken by the employee in question is tiring not only for her, but the other workers as well.

According to Jessica Johnson, owner of Johnson Security Bureau, there has to be a cultural fit. This is especially important to ensure that there is not a resistance to feedback. When candidates mesh well with co-workers and supervisors, they are likely to be more receptive to constructive criticism.

“Even if that’s not your role, there’s a disconnect,” she said. “You’re going to be schizophrenic in your job.”

When businesses invest in an HR software solution, it can help human resource teams stay organized as they go through the hiring process. That way, there can be a better chance of finding candidates who have the right combination of hard and soft skills, and can fit in to the established office culture.

Furthermore, HRIS software gives employees an opportunity to keep tabs on their own payroll status and even their retirement options. When workers are better informed of their place within a company, it could help them stay on-task and be more willing to seek out assistance from the human resource team or their manager if they have a question. By offering more means of communication, a business is enforcing a positive environment.

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