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No business wants dissatisfied employees. Not only will it make it harder to accomplish day-to-day tasks if team members are upset, but it could also make employee retention increasingly difficult. But what can be done to improve morale? The answer might be more simple that one would expect. According to Cliff Oxford, trusting that your workers will thrive and giving them responsibility could have long-standing positive results.

In a contribution piece for The New York Times section “You’re the Boss,” Oxford explained that there are two types of happiness that exists in a business. First, there is “H.R. Happy,” which is happy bosses and corporate get-togethers. Then, there is “High Performance Happy,” which is where true success will come from.

According to Oxford, High Performance Happy is when employers give their workers responsibilities and team members are glad to show that they are the best.

“You don’t have to con them into doing things with a flavor-of-the-month methodology that suggests they will only perform if you make them happy first,” Oxford wrote. “H.R. Happy says, I want you to think that I like you. High Performance Happy says, I believe in you.”

Essentially, it’s about trusting your employees to deliver on assigned tasks and perform daily activities to the best of their abilities. When companies can develop that level of trust, the business as a whole can succeed.

Investing in workforce management consulting can help organizations create an office environment that gives employees at all levels a chance to thrive on an individual level while still contributing to the company goals. Everything from worker expectations to guidelines can be displayed in a human resources software system that team members can access on their own.

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