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One of the more hotly-debated issues when it comes to employee benefits has been healthcare, and understandably so, considering the nationwide changes taking place as a result of recent legislation. According to Pratik Dholakiya of Entrepreneur, the average amount employers will spend on employees’ healthcare is over $11,000 annually. What can companies do to keep these costs down?

Health Affair reports that implementing preventative wellness programs can save companies money in the long term, ultimately leading to more productivity. According to the site, “average employer medical costs fell $3.27 for every dollar spent on wellness programs, and costs for days that employees were absent fell an average of $2.73.”

The numbers are clearly in favor of instituting policies that promote healthy lifestyles for your workforce. But what specifically should you be focusing on?

If it’s practically possible in your work space, creating a “walking trail” to help employees unwind on breaks can be supremely beneficial for both their physical and mental welfare. Another option, says Dholakiya, is providing incentives for healthy commuting habits, such as biking or walking if possible.

Lastly, Dholakiya delves into the emotional health of employees, simply stating that companies should try to promote “longer maternity leaves and time off for soul nourishment.” A collectively happy and well-adjusted workforce has obvious advantages over an overworked and bitter one.

Constructing, incorporating and maintaining these programs can take time that many HR workers don’t have because of the amount of logistical work to do. That’s where HR software systems and we at HR Software Solutions can help you out. We have considerable experience customizing and integrating specific software plans for businesses. You want to focus on the people, not the paperwork. Let us help you do that.

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