Handling extroverted employees at a business

For many HR managers, the ideal job candidate is one that is out-going, communicates well and is hard-working. Having this type of employee in your company adds energy to the workplace and helps people engage more. However, it does take a certain method of managing to bring out the best in an extroverted individual.

Previously on this blog, we discussed how companies should handle the interview process for potential employees that show introverted qualities. Namely, understanding how they best function in a certain environment while letting their strengths flourish. With a more socially engaging worker, the management process is similar.

In an article for Entrepreneur magazine, Meredith Persily Lamel, an HR expert at the American University’s Kogod School of Business in Washington, DC, was asked about the best ways to work with extroverted employees and give her top five methods.

First, she recommended that managers make an effort to assign more outgoing workers to group projects, where their social attitudes can help generate discussion. However, she warned to not let them dominate such talks.

Second, Persily Lamel said that it is important for some employees to hear themselves out loud in discussions. Rather than having them think of ideas by themselves, have extroverted employees generate thought in conversation.

Third, the HR expert said that it’s helpful to work in non-verbal cues whenever engaging with an outgoing employee. They tend to notice such things and respond well.

Persily Lamel then said that managers must understand the level of energy that comes for socially active employees. This means scheduling meetings and other group discussions in order to get their engines running.

Finally, Persily Lamel advised that managers always place extroverted employees in situations where they deal with other people, be it clients or co-workers.

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