Go beyond the boring job description to hire fantastic candidates

Opposites attract.

Except when it comes to job descriptions. If HR managers are trying to create the perfect advertisement for an open position within their company, it is important to find a balance between professional and exciting. A boring explanation for a job could either attract few applicants or the wrong ones. HR software solutions can help human resource teams see which daily operations are successful and which need work. From there, a more accurate description can be created.

However, it is also necessary to get creative, and find a way to move past the dry, bullet points that detail what an individual would do on a daily basis once hired.

A contribution piece in technology and business blog Inc. gave suggestions as to how an HR manager can rewrite a boring job description, while ensuring that an accurate portrayal of the company is put forward.

For example, in order to attract A-list employees who will love their job, a little more thought and energy must go into a position’s posting.

“Keep a good balance of sizzle and substance, as there’s still a job to be done,” the article said. “The more you can infuse your business’s personality into your job descriptions, the better you’ll be able to attract the type of person that’s going to do wonders for your biz.”

Additionally, the more HR managers can infuse a business’ personality into a description, the more accurate it will be. Candidates not only deserve a unique and fun idea of the company, but they also deserve the right one.

Using HRIS software can help human resource departments look into current business operations. Once it is clear what needs to be improved upon – and also what is already successful – it can be easier to create a fun job description for new talent.

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