Glassdoor Names HR Manager a Best Job for 2016

A recent Glassdoor Inc. study listed HR Manager as one of the best jobs in the country, the #6 entry, to be exact. Other award winners were data scientist, tax manager, and mobile developer. The jobs that make this list have the highest overall Glassdoor Job Score, determined by combining three key factors – number of job openings, salary and career opportunities rating. These jobs stand out across all three categories.

With 3,468 job openings, a median salary of $85,000 a year and a career opportunity rating of 3.7, HR manager scored a 4.6 on a 5-point scale on Glassdoor’s survey. As always, take rankings with a grain of salt as these are NOT based on job satisfaction or the overall happiness of employees in the job. This is only based on salary and career opportunity – but with that said, both of those metrics are trending in the right direction for HR managers. To be listed as #6 on this list is a massive accomplishment.

Honestly, some days in the HR manager job are extremely challenging, and others are more peaceful, you just might not know before they happen. What is known though is successful HR managers have a wide breadth of skills that not only spans the HR vertical, but touch most areas of the business. They have a deep understanding of the business and they shape the organization’s culture, an ever important feature for retaining and recruiting high-performing employees.

A skilled HR professional is especially critical to an organization now because of how much more dynamic organizational cultures have become. Bridging the gap between those just entering the workforce, as well as aging Boomers, can be tricky. Not only that – dealing with the ever-evolving information age can be daunting for those who aren’t tech savvy.

Although the job demands are increasing, as is the salary and prestige. Clearly the job of an HR manager is here to stay, and is here to grow.

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