Georgia amends payroll laws to include card accounts

Does your business maintain human resources practices that are up-to-date with local policies? This may not just mean following the law but taking advantage of new opportunities as they appear, to make payroll systems more efficient and tailored to the company’s specific realm of business. A National Law Review article recently mentioned a change in Georgia that could influence the way employers reward their employees.

As the source describes, last month saw an amendment to previous payment law allow employers to pay workers with a payroll card account, provided they follow the conditions of the law and give employees the right information. This includes a form for opting out of this payment program if they desire, as well as an explanation of fees associated with the payroll card system.

Other methods of payment permitted by the law include cash, check and direct deposit, which the source says are still allowed with the new additions. A press release from Miller & Martin PLLC specified some of the requirements made by this law.

“The definition includes accounts managed directly by the person, firm or corporation, as well as accounts managed by a third-party payroll processor, bank or other person,” the statement reads. The source also says that information on opting out needs to be provided 30 days before the account card becomes available, if not earlier.

Using this as an example, HR departments can be fortified to implement new payment options effectively. A different HR system might be necessary to handle the amount of the rewards a company is able to offer. HR consultants will give overseers the support they need to find and implement the right payment plans and ensure all relevant rules are regularly followed.

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