Flex Time: Does your company need it?

A new study shows that a formal flex time policy at a company is under utilized and not appreciated by employees, especially men. Most men appreciate “off the books” flextime where they can ask a manager for the time without having to log a formal report.

Here are some highlights from the results of the survey of over 1,000 working men:

  • While only 29% had regularly scheduled flextime/flexplace arrangements, 66% stated they can use flex when they need to. This “as needed” flexibility is actually the preferred work schedule of a plurality of the respondents (as opposed to formal work-from-home days or full-time work from home).
  • 73% were happy with the extent to which they were able to work from home.
  • 78% stated that they were at least somewhat comfortable using flexibility.
  • 62% said their employers encourage the use of flexibility to at least some extent.
  • Men who said their employers encouraged flexibility stated that they were happier, healthier, and more fulfilled at work.
  • By huge margins, men believed that work flexibility helped them be more productive, happier, less stressed, more motivated at work, more effective at home, and more committed to their employers.

This type of flexibility leads to much more committed and fulfilled employees, and although the study only examined the opinions of men, it can be surmised the woman feel quite similarly towards this practice.

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