Fine-tune your company’s texting policy with HRMS

The evolution of technology is becoming a larger part of today’s business world. HR departments have had to work hard to incorporate new policies that account for employees bringing in mobile devices and even how team members interact with one another with those same products.

Small and medium-sized businesses can greatly benefit from using an HR software solution, as it can keep the company organized and clearly outline a social media and mobile device policy. This can not only keep a firm’s private data secure, but also ensure that all employees remain professional while on the job.

However, there is some research to suggest that issues with texting and using social media outlets could start before a candidate even gets hired. According to a recent survey by the Center for Professional Excellence at York College of Pennsylvania, about half of HR executives said most recent grads – “Millennials” – are not professional their first year on the job. This is an increase from last year, when 40 percent of respondents cited unprofessional behavior in younger employees.

“It’s behavior that may be completely appropriate outside the interview,” Jaime Fall, vice president of the HR Policy Association, told USA Today. “The interview is still a traditional environment.”

Mara Swan, executive vice president of staffing firm Manpower Group, told the news source that younger generations have just grown accustomed to interacting in a casual manner, and individuals might not realize that the interview is a sales event.

Implementing HRIS software though, can outline policies for all employees to follow. Once it is clearly established what is expected, and what is appropriate, team members can log on themselves to remain current on their company’s human resource policies.

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