Finding innovative employees requires HR software solutions

Many human resources departments are having a hard time finding the right group of applicants to invite for group or one-on-one interviews. Either they lack the technical skills required for the job or their soft skills weren’t transferred through their initial phone call with the recruiter.

Could it be that people in the human resources department are being too stringent in finding someone that meets their manager’s expectations? In these situations, it could be beneficial to utilize HR software solutions to do a more broad scan of specific keywords. This larger applicant pool could contain the company’s next innovator.

The hard part about finding an innovative candidate is that they can come from many walks of life within the industry, the key is to “build knowledge and competencies one individual at a time,” NineSigma founder Mehran Mehregan explained in the Harvard Business Review.

Mehregan’s piece in the Review outlines many points in finding the next creative employee. One tactic hiring managers should look into are applicants that are “current in their fields.” Many industries are changing on a consistent basis, employees who are willing to adapt to these developments demonstrate innovator qualities.

Applicants who have experience creating training seminars or worked in leadership roles can be potentially valuable because not many businesses conduct training programs for their staff. Critics consider these measures expensive.

However, candidates who excel at their positions could potentially be innovators as well. HR software solutions can help pinpoint the type of employee a business is looking for.

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