Finding and promoting engagement among your employees

The recruitment metrics your company uses may differ depending on the goals you have in mind, especially during a targeted recruitment period in which you try to fill one specific position. As we have pointed out several times, employee engagement is another important goal that HR software can help companies attain, and if there are signs that a candidate in review will already be engaged, these can be positive signs that they will perform well once hired.

In an article for the U.S. News & World Report, Arnie Fertig discusses this point in the context of age discrimination during recruitment. Fertig writes that employers can use euphemisms to hide their prejudice for younger talent. To counter this, the source advises senior job candidates to emphasize their consistent work ethic and ability to work with others constructively.

On the employer’s side, possible candidates who have a clear history of engagement can fit into their existing culture and help enforce other previously-made plans for engagement. In an article for Forbes, William Arruda says that companies can involve individual employees in brand awareness by giving them specific tasks to follow.

“Have all employees establish a brand-related goal as part of their corporate goals and objectives,” he writes. “This will keep them thinking about their roles in building the corporate brand. Once they fully understand the brand, they naturally deliver on-brand value every day with everything they do. It becomes a subconscious competence.” Afterwards, Arruda says that companies can highlight the brand’s current status through communications to keep employees continually engaged.

By thinking about engagement goals before and after hiring someone, deep-seated changes could take root. To parallel this process and make it easier to facilitate, businesses should pursue the appropriate HRIS systems for their human capital needs.

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