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Organizations that need to switch over their Human Resource Management (HRM) system might have a very tight timeframe in which to do so, which could put pressure on them to find an efficient process and develop a plan to keep them on schedule. With enough planning and review, an HR software implementation will be guaranteed to take effect on a proper timeframe with minimal upset to standard workflow.

An example of the importance of staying on time could be seen last month, with an announcement from the government of the state of Hawaii. In an official press release last month, the office of Governor David Y. Ige announced that a planned upgrade to the HRMS used by that institution went according to plan, replacing the previous system, which the release says was “at the end of its life.”

Multiple government agencies gathered to support the $1.57 million upgrade project, which is used to manage more than 16,000 employees across different departments. The state’s chief information officer, Keone Kali, specifically referenced the way the new software was smoothly installed in the computing environment Hawaii GPC.

“With approximately 300 servers implemented on the Hawaii GPC to-date, cloud technology is helping to reduce spending on infrastructure, increase system reliability and enhance the security of the state’s information resources,” Kali said. “Launch of the HRMS upgrade in the Hawaii GPC is an excellent example of how this environment can securely, efficiently and cost-effectively host our most critical systems.”

Respecting the deadline of an important HRM project is crucial, as is making the effort to meet new standards and performance needs. Working with consultants that have HR system expertise will give departments the oversight and knowledge necessary for a successful process.

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