Finding a strong HR platform in a BYOC world

As clouds free organizations from traditional data structures and systems requirements, comprehensive management becomes an important factor to consider. Numerous sources have noticed the rise of the “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) movement in the workplace, and this has led to a similar phenomenon called “Bring Your Own Cloud” (BYOC) that demands an understanding of data compatibility, as well as company security.

Because HR data is a sensitive and highly valuable part of a company’s regular operations, HR interactions deserve a suitable platform. BYOC can put the focus on freely available consumer-facing platforms rather than the professional HR systems that will be best. To find the ideal solution, HR professionals need to remember the importance of user-friendliness while still selecting something they will be able to transition to successfully.

Bertrand Dussert of Oracle references the different needs for HR systems that can reinforce continuous access throughout the work cycle in a Forbes piece. As he describes it, the ideal HR cloud experience will be tightly integrated.

“For example, a leader making compensation decisions can instantly open a discussion with an HR business partner and a compensation consultant to align on the right mix of rewards,” he writes. “The dialog is secure, tied to the transactions in the HR system, and directly helps to reach the right outcome without system-hopping or confidentiality concerns.”

Begin the HR system selection process on a strong note and your company will have a better sense of confidence in its operations. You may also be in a better position to address changes like BYOC that are poised to impact multiple levels of business.

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