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Throughout the United States, the end of October means that the summer is truly over and that the holiday season is within reach. Companies of all sizes take advantage of this two-month window because it can account for as much as one-third of sales for the entire fiscal year.

Recruiters who have not reached their target for temporary hires can still utilize HR software solutions to find eager job seekers looking to have spending money for the holidays.

“Retailers are planning for a very merry holiday season in 2013,” Craig Rowley, vice president and global practice leader for Hay Group’s retail practice, said in a press release. “Even so, there is a sense of only cautious optimism in the air, particularly in sectors like apparel and general merchandising, [which] have experienced stagnant sales in recent months.”

According to the Hay Group’s survey, about 25 percent of retailers are expected to hire more seasonal employees compared to last year, while 61 percent of respondents will bring in the same amount of workers. The shape of the American economy has made it trickier to determine how the holiday season will be, but retailers plan on retaining about 25 percent of the temporary hires, the Society for Human Resources Management reported.

Organizations that have similar goals in mind can benefit from HR software solutions because this system can aggregate and process more applications than the plain eye can see. Time may not be on the human resources department’s side, but this program can alleviate the stress of finding potential candidates for employment.

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