Factors to consider before making a promotion

Finding the best employees can be a difficult task. However, a great candidate for that open position may already be working within the organization. Promoting an employee in the company can be a great way to foster talent within an organization, but HR departments must consider a number of factors before making the decision to promote.

As BusinessKnowledgeSource.com notes, loyalty and dependability are two important considerations when deciding who should be promoted. If an employee has these qualities, they might be a good choice for a promotion because they will have the goals of the company and their team members in mind. A candidate that is dedicated is more likely to be the right person for the job.

Consulting with other departments is a crucial step in determining the best candidate to receive a promotion. As departments have their own inner workings and unique ways of operating, it is essential that HR meets with other departments to get an idea of how the candidates work within them.

When there are multiple candidates under consideration, HR managers have to evaluate all of them. This will involve examining employee records as well as consulting with other departments within the organization. Having a way to organize and access this information will help increase the accuracy and efficiency of this process. The more organized this process can become, the better the results will be.

Keeping detailed employee records can help HR departments vet candidates. HR software solutions can help departments develop systems to keep track of important employee information, like performance reviews, skills and development activities they have completed. The ability to assess factors like these can help HR departments select the right candidate for the promotion.

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