ExxonMobil can benefit from HR software solutions

In the United States, many gas companies have made strides to increase domestic drilling and research on natural gas alternatives. However, at ExxonMobil and other gas companies, many workers are getting older and preparing for retirement , the Tomball Potpourri reported.

HR software solutions can be a great resource for these businesses that are planning to recruit new workers to join their dynamic team of petrochemical workers.

ExxonMobil is in the midst of expanding a facility in Baytown, Texas for 350 jobs and 10,000 construction workers, but that’s not it—ExxonMobil’s senior vice president Lynne Lachenmyer told the source that “demand within the Houston area is skyrocketing right now.” This means that demand for ExxonMobil’s services is expected to increase, on top of shifts toward new energy options.

“The abundant supply of natural gas we have right now in this state is a game changer for the petrochemical industry,” ExxonMobil Baytown plant manager Woody Paul explained. “It’s strengthening manufacturing, boosting exports and most importantly, it’s creating jobs.”

These factors, on top of the expected uptick of “retirement eligible” workers, indicate that ExxonMobil will have to fill many positions in the coming years. HR software solutions can help hiring managers expedite the hiring process. This program can pick up keywords relevant to ExxonMobil’s many open positions, on top of importing personal information, so these new workers can start work as quickly as possible.

ExxonMobil is preparing the next generation of employees by funding training programs at nearby community colleges and targeting high school students and veterans—about 7.5 percent of American soldiers are unemployed, according to Channelpro SMB.

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