Evaluating your business software needs

Shifting to a new HRIS software can be a resource- and time-consuming process which means getting it right the first time is key to making a transition successful. Entrepreneur contributor Mie-Yun Lee offers the following guidelines for assessing your business’s software needs:

Evaluate what you already have.

Having a clear idea of what your current software lacks or which of its features need improvement will help you hone in on which system you’ll replace it with.

Rank the importance of your desired system features.

ARMA International recommends prioritizing your needs based on these criteria: whether features are critical to the mission of your department or organization and are needed urgently, would enhance or improve operations, or if they are simply options that would be “nice to have.”

Delegate mundane and repetitive tasks to your computer.

If there are aspects of your job that would be completed more accurately or efficiently with the help of HRIS software, look for a program that supports those specific functions. Freeing up your time and brain power to focus on more complex tasks is a better use of your and your organization’s time. Ensure your future software can enable you to do so.

Try before you buy.

In addition to doing adequate research, using demo or trial versions of HRIS programs can help you determine whether their functionality and usability are compatible with your goals and your employees’ capabilities.

Assess the potential return on investment.

“Make sure…that the solutions are worth the money and time you’ll have to spend to implement them successfully,” writes Lee. Remember — new software necessitates employee training.

If your business or organization is looking to adopt a new HR software solution, an HR consulting company can help you determine which system(s) best suit your needs.

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