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If your workers aren’t functioning at their highest capacity, it could mean they aren’t feeling motivated enough at their everyday job and are being pushed away by the business instead of engaged. That’s a bad situation with possible repercussions for productivity unless HR managers equip themselves with the tools it takes to create a consistently performing workplace.

Consistency is one of the qualities that Forbes contributor Glenn Llopis suggests is necessary for employee empowerment. A leader that says one thing and does another, or doesn’t make himself or herself available, sends a negative message to workers that could impact their view of the value of the company as a whole.

Keeping this in mind, companies are also investing in themselves when they invest in HR software solutions. Llopis writes that vigilance on the part of a company’s management is an underrated quality that goes a long way in securing trust with the employees.

“Who wants to engage with a leader that doesn’t have their back?” he writes. “This is why leaders lose top talent all the time. They just assume their employees will be loyal to them – rather than recognizing that retaining top talent requires leaders to always be looking out for their best interests.”

Without a system helping the company monitor employee performance and give them the help they need, a company risks losing workers that could be passionate advocates of the business instead.

Work against this with an HR system that grants your business the regularity it needs to keep updating older policies. An optimum HR system could convince an employee who isn’t feeling properly supported to change their mind and become more involved.

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