End user education and training helps payroll overhaul

Changing a payroll system could be a huge shock to a company that depends upon it, especially if it has been relatively untouched for most of that company’s existence. As part of a successful implementation of a new payroll system, HR professionals should ensure that the personnel involved are aware of the incoming solution and have some basic involvement with the process.

Training is a part of HR system implementation that will give businesses the tools to sustain this option once it has been launched. Toward the end of an installation, end-users can take part in training programs to eventually establish a satisfactory operating norm for the payroll. This creates a more active atmosphere surrounding the new solution that could reduce the amount of time it takes for these professionals to learns the specifics.

BizWomen recently reported on one example of a payroll replacement program that succeeded because it involved some of those who would be affected by the change. Paula Manchester of Darden Restaurants Inc. described the process of adapting to a new payroll system and how reaching out to the management of different branches helped. The replacement software they used was more complicated than the previous one had been, which created a challenge at first.

“The most important strategy was to involve those closest to the action in the development of the solution,” she said. “The involvement and input of our restaurant general managers helped the design and implementation team better understand how the system would be used on a daily basis in the restaurants.”

Early on in the process, HR managers and other project overseers might not be able to tell how easy it will be to enforce adoption of the new payroll system among users later on. By entrusting training to HR consultants, user businesses have support in following up on a implementation.

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