Employers can look to retain employees by making sure they are engaged

Finding ways to keep personnel happy is a challenge that many employers face. Employees are a valued resource, but if they don’t find a job to be satisfying, they may seek out greener pastures.

Some employers may try to accomplish this by providing fun perks, but there are other factors that contribute to employee happiness that are worth considering. While money is one form of compensation, according to an article in the Huffington Post, there are several other factors that make for a satisfied employee.

As the article explains, the ability to care for one’s body can help employees stay healthy and be better equipped to handle stress. A sense of community in the workplace and the feeling of doing work that is in some way meaningful were other major reasons that contribute to the overall happiness of employees.

Workers who are happier are likely to be more productive and want to stay with the company. Some companies offer employee incentives as a way to boost happiness. Although some incentives may lead employees to be more productive, according to Gallup Research, offering employees cushy perks is not the best way to retain employees. According to the research, there was “no substitute” for being able to engage employees in the work they were doing.

What does this mean for employers? Finding ways to keep employees engaged and interested in their work is an important step to increasing productivity by ensuring they are more satisfied and committed to staying with the company.

To help retain valuable talent and reduce turnover, HR departments can use workforce management solutions to better attract and retain happy and productive employees. Companies can use HR software solutions to monitor and address these concerns.

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