Do your employees keep quitting?

One of the primary goals of HR is figuring out how to retain valuable talent and reduce turnover. It takes a great deal of time, money and resources to recruit and hire workers. When employees leave, it creates a loss for the company, and high rates of turnover can be damaging to the company’s bottom line.

If your company is experiencing significant turnover, steps should be taken to determine the cause. Workers may decide to leave an employer for any number of reasons, ranging from the company culture, to salary, work-life balance and lack of engagement.

As Inc. points out, salary considerations are not the only factors that cause workers to seek out greener pastures. Whether or not there is room for advancement and the quality of work-life balance are also very important factors.

But employees might quit their jobs for other reasons, too. It could be that they have a difficult time getting along with the management or are often blamed for mistakes that were not their fault. Coworkers that are hard to work with can make it difficult to be productive.

There are larger factors at play as well. If the company does not have a strong vision of where it is headed, a worker may leave to join one that knows where it is going. Company mission is an organizational aspect valued by many employees. When some people do not feel that they are making a valuable contribution toward an important goal, they may lack motivation and seek employment elsewhere.

HR software solutions can help develop a system to help HR departments better assess factors that might be contributing to turnover.

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