Do your employees face unpredictable work shifts?

For companies with workers that operate on shift schedules, scheduling can be a challenge. For the employees, it can be even more difficult when scheduling changes are made with little notice.

An article in the New York Times discusses the issue of part time employees who are often faced with unpredictable shifts. For working mothers and college students, having unpredictable shifts can be disruptive to their lives, and according to the article, there is a nationwide action taking place to help curtail these types of scheduling practices.

In some states, laws have been implemented to allow workers to make requests about their schedules to help them accommodate other aspects of their lives. Employers are required to consider these types of requests.

As the efforts to improve labor standards continue to move forward, more employers may be faced with having to create increasingly predictable schedules for employees. While this issue mostly effects sectors like retail and service industries, any employer must consider how much employees are working and make sure that it is being accounted for.

It has been noted previously on this blog that many employees desire the option of flexibility in their schedules. Shift work may be one way that businesses are able to afford this flexibility. When employees are operating on a shift schedule, it is essential to keep an accurate record of hours and account for any overtime. HR may have to work with employees to determine a workable schedule that allows them to balance other aspects of their personal lives.

An HR software system can help departments manage critical employee details surrounding hours worked and overtime pay. HR software solutions can help develop the system that will best suit the unique needs of your business.

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