Do I really need to account for remote workers?

The same way that every company is different, it only makes sense that each business needs to develop work schedules that account for daily operations and employees’ schedules. A remote workforce is not the answer for each organization, but strong HR software solutions can help workers stay connected to each other and up to date on the latest business policies.

Telecommuting might not work for every company, but it is important for leadership teams to figure out the best option to keep employees productive and satisfied.

Daniel Barnett, the founder of WORK[etc], explained to Business Insider that his company eventually developed into one that is entirely remote. Barnett said the key issue is to hire employees who can keep themselves motivated and on-task. Additionally, candidates should be trustworthy and willing to hop on conference calls or Skype conversations when necessary to communicate with co-workers or managers.

“A strategically placed water-cooler, swiss-cheese cubicle walls and bean-bagged chill out rooms do not increase creativity and productivity,” he said. “Engaged, motivated and inspired people increase productivity and creativity.”

Barnett added that small talk and catching up on the latest gossip can in fact be a cancer toward productivity in the office. However, by establishing clear communication policies, all employees will understand how to stay connected with managers and keep other workers informed of their daily activities.

With workforce management consulting, business leaders can see what options are available to their organization and which ones will prove to be successful. Creating a telecommuting policy that still pushes the importance of productivity can be outlined in an HR system. From there, it will be much easier to relay information to workers and keep the workplace as efficient as possible.

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