Data in HR software can predict which candidates will be the best fit for your company.

Human resource departments play a vital and dynamic role in the success of their companies. Businesses can make the daily tasks, that these departments take on, more efficient with HR system implementation or by upgrading existing HR software. Other than saving time, this software is also beneficial because it contains information that can be useful if interpreted correctly.

According to Josh Bersin in a blog post on Forbes, these software systems store data about employees regarding performance, education history and demographics along with other types of information. This data can be used to pinpoint qualities in applicants that indicate how successful they will be in a certain position.

Bersin uses an example of a sales professional to explain how utilizing HR data can narrow down specific skills that are more important for that position. Research shows that sales applicants with qualities including an error-free resume,school completion and experience in real-estate, were better indicators of success than GPA, impressive references and what school they attended.

Talent analytics is a rising trend that can help companies fine-tune their recruitment process in order to find ideal employees that will thrive in their business. However most systems contain so much data that it can be overwhelming to organize into useful information.

“Our newest research on HR systems shows, in fact, that the average large company has more than 10 different HR applications and their core HR system is over 6 years old. So it takes effort and energy to bring this data together and make sense of it.” Bersin stated.

HR software solutions can help businesses organize complex information sources and make human resource operations more efficient.

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