Customer service reps goes being acting friendly

Whenever a hiring manager is looking for a new staffer to join their organization, there are a few things that people can find from the résumé and others require a face-to-face interaction. One skill, regardless of industry, will always be valuable to a human resources department: customer service.

People who have above average customer service skills likely “have the potential to work empathetically,” while “anticipating the unexpressed wishes,” Micah Solomon, a Forbes contributor wrote. Human resources software solutions can pick these keywords right away based on previous positions or sentences outlined in their résumé. If they are qualified for the position with this intangible trait, they should be filed under the “call them back pile.”

Customer service is valued trait in the workforce because these job seekers can potentially infer a client’s needs early on, getting a grasp on compliance before the client is angry and will express their distaste in a full-out rant. One company, Southwest Airlines puts customer satisfaction above sales and found a way to be the second-most popular commercial airline organization after Virgin Airlines, which shares a similar business model.

“[Virgin Airlines] is a company that simply wouldn’t exist without the energy, the determination, the wit and the wisdom of our people,” Richard Branson, Virgin Airlines CEO told Forbes.

Southwest founder Herb Kelleher similarly said, “Profit is a by-product of customer service. It’s not an end in and of itself.”

In a competitive world, it is imperative to be equipped with a staff that is capable of managing the business’ workload, but through the use of HR software solutions, HR departments can look for individuals that can meet a majority of their expectations, potentially going beyond them.

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