Considering a mobile workforce for your bottom line

This blog has previously discussed how businesses can benefit from creating unique options for its employees. Telecommuting is becoming a more popular choice for companies across numerous industries, as it gives team members greater flexibility. Additionally, with technology ever-evolving, organizations can rest assured that their employees have the necessary tools to stay connected.

By investing in strong HR software solutions, a business will further ensure that all employees can keep themselves up-to-date on company policies, regardless of their location. With recent research showing that the mobile workforce option can improve productivity, companies are well-advised to remain current.

Rick Holgate, chief information officer for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, spoke at the Mobile Work Exchange fall town hall meeting. The Society for Human Resource Management reported on the speech, where Holgate explained how the federal government is considering telecommuting options.

According to Holgate, working remotely is “not about re-creating the office experience somewhere else; it’s about rethinking how we get work done.”

Holgate cited data from an AOL Government Mobile Technology Study of 300 federal managers. Half of the respondents said employees would gain an average of seven hours in productivity each week if they were fully enabled to work via mobile devices.

Security is an area that is not being overlooked, Holgate said, specifying that the government will find ways to secure the data itself and not just the devices.

Human resources software solutions are an important aspect in keeping employees connected to a business. While not all companies might be ready for telecommuting, they can still keep all critical information available in one location where team members can have access. Additionally, should anything change, HR teams can make postings in one spot and know that staff members will know about it.

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