College degrees are becoming common requirement for entry-level jobs

When HR managers create job postings, listing prerequisites is a necessity. That way, when candidates apply, they understand the position and how their personal experience would align with the requirements. It can benefit the human resource department when a business’ daily operations are being tracked with HRIS software. That way, those in charge of hiring have an even better understanding of what to search for in candidates.

One requirement that is growing increasingly common across U.S. businesses is a college degree. Economists call it “degree inflation,” and according to Burning Glass – a company that analyzes job ads – organizations that didn’t previously require a diploma have shifted direction.

“When you get 800 résumés for every job ad, you need to weed them out somehow,” Suzanne Manzagol, executive recruiter at Cardinal Recruiting Group, told The Times. “When I started recruiting in ’06, you didn’t need a college degree, but there weren’t that many candidates.”

Adam Slipakoff, a managing partner at an Atlanta-based law firm, told the news source that college graduates are more career-oriented and have a better commitment to their futures. Even his office’s “runner” – an in-house courier – has a degree from a four-year school.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for workers with no more than a high school diploma is 8.1 percent, while those who have a bachelor’s degree is at 3.7 percent.

Whether or not a business wants candidates to have a college education, it will be much easier to track what company tactics are working on a daily basis and which are not with HR software solutions. Not only will this help HR managers stay organized with current workers’ information, it can assist in the hiring process. It will ensure enough time is devoted to reviewing applications and then interviewing candidates.

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