Checking in with the office during vacation can ease work anxieties

Recently we have discussed what the best jobs for telecommuting are and how an HR software consulting company can help you organize the technicalities of people working from home. Telecommuting options can be convenient for employees, as the trend becomes more popular in a wider variety of jobs, but can seem like a burden to the employer.

Many companies are hesitant to consider offering the ability to work from home because they have several concerns including:

  • Managing people out of the office seems more difficult because you cannot keep an eye on their productivity
  • Organizing your benefits system can be a problem, especially if you have employees working out of state, which might cause an insurance conflict
  • Payroll can be an issue if an employee abuses the system.

However, telecommuting options for your company can also be beneficial. One major way is that it gives people incentive to put more time and dedication into their job. If they have the ability to access work at home when their child is out sick, when they need to leave early for a doctors appointment or even when on vacation, they can make up for missed time without having to stay late at the office.

A recent poll conducted by Pertino reported that 1,000 Americans make some sort of contact with their office while on vacation and of that 47 percent believe it eases their work anxieties, according to Entrepreneur blogger Catherine Clifford. Employees can be more engaged with their work, even during their free time, if they have an easy way to check-in when they are at a different location.

Incorporating telecommuting options in your company doesn’t have to be a burden and can boost productivity, as long as you have a trusting relationship with those that take their work home. Also, most issues can be solved with HR software solutions that organize your hiring process, payroll and employee policies.

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