Can the long-term unemployed benefit your business?

When human resource managers have comprehensive HR software solutions, it is much easier for them to stay organized and remain knowledgeable about what the business needs in terms of new employees. HR team members can see which departments are profitable, and if any section could benefit from additional employees.

Furthermore, the onboarding process can be simplified, as the right HR software will give new hires an easy way to read about company policies.

Choosing the ideal hire from an applicant pool is hardly a simple process, and HR managers often have to pick between individuals with near-identical resumes and backgrounds. So, what is the final factor to offer someone a position?

According to research from Northeastern University doctoral student Rand Ghayad, the shorter amount of time an individual has been out of work, the easier it will be for him or her to find a new opportunity. Ghayad sent out 4,800 fake resumes at random for 600 job openings, and found that employers are more likely to call individuals in for an interview if they had been unemployed for less than six months. This is regardless of how much relevant experience the person in question had.

A Harvard Business Review contribution piece said that the long-term unemployed could be a great investment because those individuals are persistent.

“Millions of other unemployed facing this job market gave up looking and dropped out of the labor force,” the article said. “We also know that they will likely be very grateful to have a job, and gratitude is associated with many aspects of good job performance.”

HR software can be an important tool for businesses. With the right background information about what is needed for a company, managers can be sure to hire the perfect applicant, whether he or she is part of the long-term unemployed or not.

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