Can HR systems help engage employees?

Businesses need to guarantee that they aren’t just working with the best quality of employees, but also that these workers are appropriately engaged in their jobs. Unfortunately, it appears that most employees in the United States are not fully committed to their work, according to Gallup research, which could reflect itself in the quality of how they perform and the way they think of their position.

Improving the HRIS software that a company relies upon could help change engagement rates for the better in several ways. First of all, implementing a simple and easy-to-understand HR solution has the immediate effect of making employee’s lives easier and reducing the amount of time it takes for HR functions to be performed.

An SAPVoice article for Forbes recently addressed the instant way that increasing systems convenience makes the average workday easier for an employee to handle. The article specifically examined this in the context of Employee Appreciation Day, which occurred on March 6 of this month. This source also cited the Gallup information, which asserts that more than half of all workers are “not engaged” with their everyday activities.

“Workers stuck with outdated HR systems waste a lot time doing administrative tasks that should be quick and simple,” the article reads. “Getting answers to questions about benefits and payroll should be easy. Training schedules, career guidance, and internal job postings should be readily accessible. And requesting time off should only take a few seconds on a mobile phone.”

In addition, a more efficient HR setup could make it easier to coordinate employee-facing benefits and communications, which could give each worker more incentive to be involved with their company. While the source said that worker needs will be specific for each person, there are some common principles that HR departments could follow.

HR software management specialists reduce the amount of burden on a company’s HR professionals by facilitating important aspects of setting up a new system, including the complex implementation process.

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