Can going digital make it difficult to interact with employees on a personal level?

HR software solutions and other modern forms of technology can make the workplace run more smoothly and efficiently by enabling employers to streamline the processes they use in their human resources departments, as well as other areas.

However, a recent study by Robert Half Technology of chief information officers reveals that expanding digitization and the widespread use of mobile devices in the workplace can actually have a different effect on employees, as well as the overall culture of the office.

“As mobile devices have become increasingly integrated into the workplace, they’ve helped us become more productive, but they also can serve as a round-the-clock distraction,” John Reed, senior executive director of Robert Half Technology, told College Recruiter. “If you’re not fully engaged in a conversation or meeting, you may spend more time replying to emails than listening, for example.”

According to the survey, 64 percent of CIOs have noted that mobile tools such as cell phones and tablets result in greater instances of workplace breaches of conduct.

The survey’s findings draw attention to an important matter within the workforce. As more companies opt to go digital, it is equally important to maintain personal connections with employees.

In a recent article, the Harvard Business Review focuses on this issue, noting that as electronic, and specifically digital marketing resources, become more prevalent, employers should seek to balance them out by integrating more one-on-one communications with workers.

This approach can help reduce confusion among employees and also bring a greater sense of cohesion and unity to the workplace. While payroll and HR software will continue to be a great resource for individuals in the future, exploring new ways to get in touch with the men and women working in the office daily can be crucial for long-term success.

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